Sunday, September 24, 2017

Custom Orders are so Satisfjying.

Recently I have been getting requests for custom orders and it is great to be able to bring someone's ideas into reality.

I just sent some custom colour spa cloths off to Seattle. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of them before I shipped them off.

Right now I am working on a super long super scarf for a customer in Toronto. He had the idea to make a striped twelve foot scarf inspired by the stripes used by the Hudson's Bay Company. This is made with Bernat Softee ChunkyYarn for the red, yellow and blue stripes, and double strands of Paddy Green from Red Heart.  I purchased the yarn from Yarn Canada as they offer free shipping on orders over $45 and also deliver really promptly to me here on Mayne Island.

I used a half double crochet in this design and love the colour combos.

Here it is getting a little longer.

It is growing quickly and I should be shipping it out on Monday.

Be sure to visit my etsy shop if you are interested in customizing any of my items offered there.
Also feel free to email me at for product information.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Lacy Yoga Socks

I found a great pattern for making these lacy yoga socks. It was designed and shared by Lisa Jelle. Lisa is on facebook at Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts The pattern can be found here on Ravelry

I was excited to find a pattern that had such a delicate feel to it and for short yoga socks. This pink makes me think of ballet lessons as my kids always had to wear this colour when going to their lessons.
These turned out so great and I immediately added them to my etsy shop. The listing is here and they are a steal at $30.00.
I had to review the foundation half double crochet stitch and then move on to learning a new lace pattern. I feel I want to adapt this pattern to use the iris stitch, and I will see how that works out.

I am making a second pair in lemon and then want to make some in pale blue and soft grey. I really love this design and hope you like it too.
Happy crocheting everyone.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hooked on Animal Hats, My Fox Hat and Tiger Hat.

Once I made my first minion hat I started browsing all the amazing patterns for animal hats on .

The first one I made was the fox hat, just too cute to resist. The pattern is here. Of course I had to make it my own, and instead of button eyes, I crocheted black ones, and I am happy with how they look. My friend has a baby great granddaughter whose last name is fox, so this was perfect for her.

My cute little fox hat.

Next I made a tiger hat which I think is just as adorable. Once again the pattern is from Repeat Crafter Me.  
I also decided not to use buttons for the eyes on this hat. I just made some little crochet circles instead.

My cute little tiger hat, available in all sizes.
What I love about her patterns is that they are written up for all the sizes you could wish for.
So right now I am just finishing up my racoon hat and sewing the ears on my lamb hat. It is always great to get some new projects going and I am having so much enjoyment making little hats.

Happy crocheting everyone.

Minion Hat Mad

Well since making my first minion hat I have had lots of orders and requests for the one eyed hats so I have been busy. My first order was for some with the brown eyes and they were off to England.  These were fun as I got to make two kinds of smiles.

Next I thought it only fair to make a girlie minion hat for all those girls out there who like pink and purple. I also added a bow, which can be placed anywhere on the hat, my granddaughter went for the side bow. This is the beanie style, but I also make some them the earflaps. I really like making custom orders as the variations are endless.

 My granddaughter is one of those whose favourite colour is purple. 

My granddaughter modelling the girl minion hat

Once I had made one beanie style hat then I had to make another. lol This is the one with blue trim.  Minions have such a lot of character and I think it is the personality that they have that makes them so popular with people, young and old. I just love the little bit of hair standing up. It is so cute.
Minion Beanie hat with Blue Trim

So the minion collection just keeps growing. The options are endless and I really encourage you to have a go at making one. As I said in my earlier post I got my first pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. I have since adapted the pattern but I am so grateful to this blogger for all the great patterns she provides.

Here are a few more hats I made.
You can see all my crochet hats on my etsy shop under the section Hats. :-)

Happy crocheting everyone.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

My Minion Hat

I made my grandson a minion hat. He didn't know I was making him one, but when he saw me sitting on the couch crocheting with yellow yarn he ran across the room and asked, "Are you making a minion hat?"
He was so excited and luckily I was nearly finished. I made the eyes and the mouth and showed him how to braid as I added the ties. He loves it.
I decided to add Minion Hats to my etsy store and they are posted as a 'made to order' item, so people can get exactly what they want.

I can't stop making them, so I have made a preschool size one for a little girl and I am currently completing a newborn-3 months one that I think I will put only one eye on. :-)

I was lucky to find a couple of patterns online and adjusted them to suit what I wanted. I would like to thank Repeat Crafter Me for getting me started on this project. I will post pics of the others when they are finished.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Do You Like Fingerless Gloves?

I first fell in love with the concept of fingerless gloves while travelling a while ago. I was in France in January and wanted to take lots of pics, but I had to keep taking my gloves on and off as I took pics. I remembered I had bought some fingerless gloves at a craft fair in Mission before I left on my travels and got them out of my purse. Voila, the perfect way to keep your hands warm and also still be able to access the touch screen on your phone.
On my return home I thought I would open an etsy store for my crochet and knitting.
When I first started thinking of items I would like to sell in an Etsy Shop I immediately wanted to knit some fingerless gloves. I love the look of them and they are so practical.
The first ones I made were in fact knit. I posted some pics of them on my facebook page and immediately got orders for two pairs from friends.

One day while browsing on YouTube I discovered some great crochet ones made by Happy Berry. I fell in love with this pattern and you can see I have several pairs for sale in my shop.

Happy Berry has a great video on youtube for making these lacy gloves. She also has a wonderful blog at Happy Berry Crochet. 

To download the pattern check it down at Ravelry.

Right now my favourite fingerless gloves to make are knit with two strands of worsted weight yarn, a way of using up left over yarn. A great stash busting idea. I knit them flat and then sew them together using the mattress stitch.
I love seeing how the colours come together as you knit with multiple strands, and also I like the thick chunky gloves that result from using bulky weight yarn.
I like to change things up by ribbing some of the cuffs, and doing garter stitch for others. The possibilities are endless.

So please let me know what your favourite style of fingerless gloves are.
My next project will be to make the really long wristers with some colourful stripes.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mayne Island Chunky Infinity Scarf Pattern (Two patterns in One)

Yesterday I was busy writing out my first ever crochet pattern. It was a big learning curve as I had to calculate how many yards of yarn were needed, the gauge etc. Also writing things out so they are clear to strangers is also a challenge.
After writing it out I then did a test scarf and corrected any unclear instructions.
I decided to do two patterns for this scarf, one that was crocheted 'in the round' and one that was crocheted flat and then sewn together at the ends to create the infinity scarf.  I wanted to add instructions on how to sew crochet together invisibly. I found the perfect video demonstrating the mattress stitch to link to.
I uploaded my new pattern to my etsy store and I am very excited to be offering patterns to my customers. You can see the listing for my Mayne Island Chunky Infinity Scarf here.

Mayne Island Chunky Infinity Scarf Pattern

Then today I thought I would upload it to Craftsy and I am thrilled to announce it is also available online at  Craftsy. So you can head on over there and see it. Click here for the listing.

This is a whole new world for me and I am happy to celebrate my first pattern with you here. :-)
Here it is just hanging loosely and not wrapped twice around.